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Pop music goes swedish

The swedish recording artist Darin is well known in Scandinavia. After ten years of success while singing in english, he felt the urge to try something new and started writing lyrics in swedish.

First out is the self biographical single ”Ta mig Tillbaka”, recorded in the legendary Atlantis Studio.

If one wants to read up on the matter jump to the brilliant Jan Gradvall’s interview with Darin.

Silver is responsible for the whole visual identity including singles, album, merchandise and website. To top it all off we designed a custom made typeface for Darin, Lagom Geometrisk.




Porcelain heritage

We are proud and excited to introduce our latest client, Gustavsberg. A classic, Swedish brand with a heritage from the 16th century.

Gustavsberg supply products for the entire bathroom – products of the highest quality distinguished by functional, nordic design.

Silver’s first project will be to create a package identity to a brand new bathroom series.


Silver and bronze at Pentawards. Gold in the Swedish Design Awards.

First of all, we went to all the way to Tokyo to bring home a silver and a bronze award for our work for OBH Nordica and ICA (tea).

Created in 2007, Pentawards is the major worldwide competition exclusively devoted to packaging design in all its forms. It is open to people from all countries who are associated with the creation and marketing of packaging.

Then, we won a gold in the Swedish Design Awards for our identity for ICA. This was a co-operation between Silver, ICA Reklam and Pangea.

The Swedish Design Awards is Sweden’s largest competition in graphic communication. The competition contains 25 different categories and is conducted once a year.

A big thanks to our clients for giving us the opportunity to make these kinds of prize-winning projects!


Hurrah! We are the Brand & Design Agency of the year!

We are obviously very proud and want to thank our wonderful customers for the good grades and good cooperation. We took home highest honors among the Brand & Design Agencies in Sweden.

Agency of the Year (Årets Byrå) is Sweden’s largest qualitative and industry study that surveys how satisfied the largest communications buyers are with their agencies and what is crucial in purchasing. This is the fifteenth consecutive year that Regi has implemented the study. In 2013 the study surveyed over 3000 respondents, and almost 200 agencies.

In order for an agency to qualify for inclusion in the study, they require an industry revenue of at least 8 million SEK. They also require that at least eight customers can assess the agency and that each customer has purchased agency fees for the equivalent of 200-400 SEK.

The results for a single agency in terms of reaching customer satisfaction has been checked against other survey data and qualitative reviews that the respondent has given based on the specific agency. There are also controls to account for substantial deviations from individual respondents that may affect the end result.



Silver gets silver in Pentawards.

Cervera’s re-launch of its Anders Petter brand won silver in Pentaward, the largest international competition for packaging design. Silver has developed a strategy, brand identity and packaging design for Anders Petter.

“It feels great to get such a nice confirmation of the work we have done,” says Yvonne Magnusson, CEO of Cervera. “Anders Petter is one of our strongest brands and we felt it was time to update it to take advantage of its full potential. We have already received positive feedback from both customers and retailers, but to additionally win a design award feels really good.”


Anders Petter’s products include cooking implements, pots and knives and a number of successful cutlery series. The new brand platform that Silver developed is based on everyone’s desire to both preserve food traditions and create our own.

“Anders Petter joins the original and genuine in cooking with new features, materials and design. We wanted to capture the brand essence,” says Ulf Berlin, brand strategist and CEO of Silver.