In Sweden there’s been a lack of affordable and healthy on-the-go solutions. Salad bars are often very expensive and time consuming, ready-made solutions in stores often contain a lot of additives, which also means that they might have been stuck on the shelf for quite some time. 

Oh my good gives more people the luxury of enjoying a really good and tasty meal on the go – and to a really good price. The product range includes crispy, generous bowls and sandwiches packed with fresh quality ingredients without additives. All meals are made in a local kitchen in Huddinge south of Stockholm, next to our own bakery. By taking advantage of the synergi between them, we can reduce the costs for supply and production without compromising with the quality. Oh my good is available in retail stores as well as Foodora’s delivery service.

Silver’s job was to develop brand name, concept and design. The result is a witty name connected with taste, and a simple, clear and cost-effective design.